One the goals GET HELP® is committed to is making sure the facilities we find adhere to a Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics has been adapted from National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals ( We have circulated this Code amongst treatment professionals and consider it an ongoing living document. The basis of it is that facilities are transparent with their cost structures, insurance(s), licensure and credentialing, and most important are their marketing practices. In order for the providers listed in our database they must confirm that they adhere to our Code of Ethics. Granted, a lot of it requires them telling us the truth. That said, one of the things I spend a lot of my time doing is marketing, talking to treatment professionals, attending trade shows, and investigating the practices of treatment programs. If I find out or hear about some unethical business practices I’m committed to investigating it and getting to the bottom of it. Keep in mind, I’m doing this while I’m maintaining a full time private practice and referring clients of my own into treatment– in other words, using the app I created.