Laura Ciccone

Head of Product

Laura Ciccone, Cornell University alumna, has a passion for building software with a mission. She brings 10 years of experience creating products and programs which strengthen teams and bring communities together. Prior to Get Help, Laura worked in product for a $6M marketplace for property owners and managers, where most of her time was spent optimizing how to make the marketplace a more productive platform for both leads and clients. Before jumping face first into the SaaS world, she developed and managed cross-geographical programs within a major hospital system’s EMR as well as a hazardous waste disposal firm, impacting 450 to 60,000 employees. Her speciality is working with communities whose primary focus is on providing client services, who use technology to supplement their primary workflows. In her spare time, Laura enjoys listening to audiobooks, soaking up the sun with her family and friends, catching side-eye from her dog, Lily, and pretending to know how to garden.

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