Our mission is to make Get Help the world’s most trusted resource for finding quality healthcare services

Get Help is an independent, mission-centric organization, committed to elevating the treatment industry through the democratization of trustworthy and objective information about treatment facilities and the integrity with which they operate.

Our Principles
Independent & Trustworthy
  • We maintain our independence by refusing all investments from and affiliations with treatment centers.
  • We refuse advertising dollars and never edit or adjust facility information for a fee.
  • We operate with transparency: our process, principles, and code of conduct are available to all.
Mission Centric
  • We are committed to doing the hard work necessary to elevate the paradigm of the treatment industry
  • We operate by holding treatment center accountable to a verifiable code of professional conduct.
  • We consistently work toward our own improvement and the improvement of the industry.
Democratization of Information
  • Our goal is to provide objective and qualified information that is dynamic, relevant, and current.
  • We pass no judgment as to the efficacy of various modalities of treatment, allowing patients, families, and professionals to make their own decisions.
  • We aim to make access to resources as quick and easy as possible, understanding that such access facilities the saving of lives.
Get In Touch
  • support@gethelp.com
  • (323) GET HELP
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