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COVID-19 has brought a global crisis to our doorsteps. GET HELP® is responding with an urgent commitment to the community. Our pilot program with the City of LA and Weingart center has expanded. We are actively working with our municipal partners, homeless shelters, and service providers in response to COVID-19. GET HELP® will be making real-time COVID-19 resources available to our partners, service providers, and the public in the coming days. For more information, to learn more about what we are doing, or to share information about valuable resources please click CONTACT US below. Follow us at Twitter to receive the latest updates.

We are GET HELP®.

We believe that anyone, anywhere should get the help they need, when they need it, quickly, efficiently, and with integrity and respect. We harness the exponential power of industry expertise, lifelong relationships, and technology. Together, we are creating Solutions for: Providers, Professionals, the Public, and Municipalities.

Connected, We Can.
A Technology and Human Solution


The GET HELP Ecosystem replaces redundant systems, decreasing steps in case management workflow. It’s easy-to-use interface incentivizes use. GET HELP’s customers include service providers, first responders, outreach workers, city/county employees, those experiencing homelessness, and the public.


The GET HELP Ecosystem was created to increase efficiencies in workflow and provide real-time information to all users.


Whether a municipality seeks greater reporting or tracking capabilities, an individual experiencing homelessness looks for bed or hot meal, a service provider looks to track inventory or resources, or a first responder searches for resources in the field, GET HELP is the solution.


Our team works closely with service-providers to adapt and modify our tools to fit the ever changing needs of providers and individuals incorporating feedback at every stage.

GET HELP is a holistic platform feeding into existing resources and navigating to areas of need. API integrations connect caseworkers to service-providers seamlessly and provide real‐time availability and access to existing systems that connect related services.

Help Better, Together.

GET HELP is a human and data-driven central solution that helps the helpers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, improving access to services to those in need, and raising the standard for accountability.

Our Mission: GET HELP seeks to connect professionals, providers, municipalities, and the public, thereby giving everyone access to mental health, homelessness, and addiction services, when they need it, while raising the standard for integrity, accountability, and transparency of information, serving as good steward for society and the environment.


GET HELP builds human solutions to human problems by connecting objective and qualified information that is dynamic, relevant, and current. We pass no judgment as to the efficacy of various modalities of treatment, allowing patients, families, and professionals to make their own decisions. We aim to make access to resources as quick and easy as possible, understanding that such access saves lives.


GET HELP is a human and data-driven central solution that helps the helpers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, improving access to services to those in need, and raising the standard for accountability.

Simply take a look at the ecosystem. Every recovery center, every homeless shelter, and every system to support humans suffering a crisis operates in their own silo. As a result a complicated network must be navigated, consisting of independent professional businesses, nonprofits, government services, and individuals with knowledge, expertise and connections.


The result is distressful emotional chaos for people already in a crisis. The path of least resistance is often the one taken as a result. Whether that is prolonging a relapse into jails, institutions or death, escalating emotional chaos into domestic violence, or operating in a subsystem of aid from friends and family probably the least trained to provide service.


The result is a complex mess that is escalating the drug and alcohol addiction rates, and homelessness is spreading throughout our public streets and sidewalks.




Do you operate a recovery center? Are you a professional that provides services in the areas of mental health or addiction? Are you from a municipality that wants to connect?


Send us a message to find out more. Check your listing and contact us to update it. Find out how you can connect to GET HELP.

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