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  • Treatment Facilities, Sober Living Houses, Homeless Shelters, and More​

  • Program Description

  • Address

  • Direct Phone Number

  • Services Listed & Searchable

  • 1 Facility User

  • No Commissions

  • No Broker Fees

  • No Referral Fees



  • Enhanced Photos

  • Accreditations, Certifications & Licenses

  • Expanded Services & Details

  • Availability Updating

  • Referral Notification & Tracking

  • 3 Facility Users

  • Click through Links

  • Social Media Links & Integrations


Bed & Facility Management

  • All Premium Features +

  • Instantaneous Bed Availability

  • Automatic Referrals

  • Data Analytics & Reporting

  • 10 Facility Users

  • Internal & External Communication Tools

  • Customizable Integrations

  • Clinical & Case Notes

  • Meets HMIS 2020 Data Standards



  • Municipalities, Institutions & Enterprises

  • Flexible Customizable Search & Provider Tools (City Worker & Emergency Responder Efficiency)

  • Data Management - Custom APIs

  • Global Network Solutions

  • Automated Customized Reporting

  • Custom Branding & Integrations (Instant Branded App + Web)




GET HELP currently has over 20,000 listings across all fifty states with searchable community resources, including homeless shelters, treatment centers, and mental health services, to name a few. We are regularly adding more facilities as we expand to new areas and onboard new facilities.

GET HELP currently has over 2,000 beds operating across our various partnerships. Our bed management system makes it easy to configure, add, or remove beds as needed.

We have placed over 4,000 clients (and still counting) into beds and programs across our network of partnering facilities since first launching the platform.

Our platform is ad-free and does not solicit partner organizations for placement listings. We believe that anyone who searches on GET HELP should have the most relevant information presented when making a decision on where to go for services.

GET HELP has a dedicated team of support staff ready to answer any and all questions. We offer live chat support Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM–6:00 PM (PST) and ongoing after-hours/weekend support through email.

Depending on the complexity of the requested report, applicability across our customers, and your subscription level, we will assess whether to charge a small fee for the generation of a custom report.

Integrations / Technical:

We offer the ability to integrate with several EMRs and CMRs and comply with HMIS reporting requirements. Contact our sales department to learn more about what integrations we currently support.

We do offer external APIs, and we are constantly adding to them. Please contact our sales department for more information about integration opportunities.

GET HELP currently offers complimentary onboarding to staff members for all newly registered facilities. Our onboarding process consists of online webinars, support documentation, and a dedicated support team to answer any and all questions you or your team may have.

Our staff investigates any reported bugs or errors in the system, aiming for a quick resolution on anything not working as intended. Our team continuously works on improving the product through new features and welcomes any recommendations our partners suggest. Unless otherwise noted, system-wide updates are included in your subscription, and we keep our partners updated whenever a new feature is introduced.

For the price of your subscription, GET HELP offers a dedicated team of engineers, customer support specialists, marketers, and a network of industry professionals who collectively work together to ensure a quality experience when it comes to the management of your programs and client information. We provide ongoing support, updates, and maintenance that would otherwise cost significantly more for each new change introduced. By subscribing to GET HELP, a SaaS company, you will always know how to reach us. Most custom-built solutions deliver a product based on today’s needs, and will not grow, scale, or adapt as your organization and needs change.

We are constantly making improvements to our platform and adding new features. To stay up-to-date on upcoming releases, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Search Tools:

Your facility may not have an updated profile in our system or was not listed in our original database. Once vetted, you can quickly get your facility published on GET HELP where it will be instantly visible in our search results.

Our search uses a proprietary algorithm that ranks facilities based upon multiple factors, ranging from relevance to your search criteria to the target program’s availability. We are constantly improving our search algorithm so that you will see the most relevant and concise search results.

GET HELP has a dedicated team that vets and maintains our facility database. Facilities are contacted to ensure we have the most up-to-date information and nonoperational facilities are promptly removed from the platform.

We take you, your facility, and your client’s security extremely seriously—from workflow operations to ensure your data’s protection, to using vetted, highly secure servers—your safety is our top priority.

We have a few ways we keep out potentially unethical, substandard, fraudulent, or bad facilities and actors. To keep our database clean and filled with high-quality service offerings, as new facilities are added to our database, we reach out to learn about their offerings and services. Our staff includes several industry experts, so we know what red flags would disqualify a facility from being listed on our service. To keep out bad actors, we have strict security requirements in place for users and facilities that use our system, including flagging suspicious behavior and suspending any accounts that violate our terms of service.

We offer flexibility for who can see a facility’s program capacity based on the sensitivity of their operations. The default and recommended setting is for facilities to make their availability publicly available. For facilities that decide to make their program availability visible to a limited group, only accounts with approved domains from partnering organizations will be able to view that facility bed availability.

Provider Tool:

No. One of GET HELP’s main goals is to eliminate the amount of double-entry work that takes place across unconnected networks. We are designed to be a central location where information is entered once and can be quickly accessed, updated, and shared.

GET HELP works better with all available beds online. If you are interested in joining us, it is best to do so with your whole program or building listed.

You can still use GET HELP if you only want to sell a portion of your beds, services, or assets, although it is not recommended to list portions of your programs or buildings. As a flexible solution, we can list however many or as few beds, services, or assets as desired. To get the most out of your GET HELP subscription, we recommend listing an entire program and/or location and strongly advise against picking and choosing your listings.

No. GET HELP is designed for much more than bed management, including any institution offering services or assets such as food banks, laundry, showers, storage, and more.


No. As a monthly subscription, GET HELP does not charge a commission, pay per lead, or connection fees for clients who are referred through the platform. Traditional methods, such as 800 call centers, will charge on a per-call basis. GET HELP includes this, and much more, for a fraction of the cost through your monthly subscription.

NEVER. We want to make tools and technology everyone, regardless of how many clients you have. Whether you’re big or small, get 1 intake per month or 100, if you’re using the Bed & Facility Management Platform GET HELP only charges a monthly price based on the number of beds you’re providing. Comparable CRMs and EMRs charge per chart and user in perpetuity, which can quickly increase expenses.

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