Is a Detox Program Necessary?

Is A Detoxification Program Necessary? Using is Dangerous. But so is stopping Using is dangerous, but so is stopping – withdrawal must be undertaken with caution and, often, with medical supervision. Depending on the substance being abused, withdrawal symptoms might include:   Loss of appetite Abdominal cramps Nausea Vomiting DiarrheaContinue reading “Is a Detox Program Necessary?”

Why is 90 Days Needed for Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment?

Why is 90 Days? Having a loved one attend treatment for 90 days will also provide adequate time for the family to receive support. It provides more time for involvement in family therapy, and time for adjustment to a new family dynamic. Download get help app One way to increaseContinue reading “Why is 90 Days Needed for Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment?”