A Platform Connecting . . .

Public and Professionals 

  • Treatment Professionals, Therapists, Counselors, First Responders, Outreach Workers, Family

  • Save time: Find right place, right time

  • No Brokers, No Call Centers, No Pay-for-Play, No Ads


  • Treatment Centers, Sober Living, Shelters, Mental Health

  • Fill Beds Quicker, Increase Revenue

  • Increase Bed and Facility Management Efficiencies

Municipalities, Institutions, and Enterprises

Solutions to manage assets of multiple facilities and channel distributors
and broadcast availability to team, partners, and the public.

REC-CAP Assessment & Recovery Planning Tool

REC-CAP stands for Recovery Capital and is an evidence-based assessment & recovery planning instrument developed by Dr. David Best

Learn more about Dr. David Best's Work

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Public / Professionals

"I’m an outreach worker, addiction professional, or family member. I need to see the right program that meets my needs and if a bed is available. I don’t want to call a bunch of places."

Facilities / Programs

"I’m a treatment program or sober living. I need to know my census in real-time and fill available beds ASAP."

Municipalities / Institutions

"I’m a county admin or non-profit who funds multiple programs. I need to see instantaneous bed availability + inventory and make that info available to others."




Resources in
Real Time

  • Filter your searches based on your needs.

  • See results and availability without calling around.

  • Start the referral process from our app - direct to facility.

  • No broker, no call center.

Optimized Management Tools

  • Reduce steps, eliminate white boards, yellow pads, spreadsheets, email exchange.

  • Know your census in real-time.

  • Fill your beds quicker by getting that info out there - instantly.

A Measurable Difference

  • Get better management of your assets: Where your funding is going and where there are available resources.

  • Uncover useful metrics that provide new insights into your team and community efforts, allowing for better planning, increased efficiency, and improved outcomes.

We’ve been on every side of the problem.

Now we are on every side of the solution.

The root of the problem is lack of access and lack of data.

Founded by a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years in recovery who has experienced and overcome homelessness.

  • LGBTQ+ led company
  • 400 Years of Collective Industry Experience
  • 12 Doctors, 18 Masters
  • Built by a team that’s created tech for billions of users in every language
  • Field-tested with Los Angeles First Responders
  • Proven at the heart of Skid Row

In the United States, there are more than 550,000 people experiencing homelessness on a given night, and more than 65,000 people die from addiction every year.

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