"Instant updates to our dashboards and connectivity across various departments has made communication between our service providers, city departments and partners, and outreach workers seamless."

Brian Buchner
Chief of Homelessness Operations & Street Strategies,
Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Increase Visibility. Improve Outcomes.

Solutions Built for Enterprise

Common Problems

  • Misallocated funding

  • Inaccurate data and reporting

  • Redundant systems with low participation


Our Solutions

  • Automated management and reporting tools, customized screenings, intakes, and referrals

  • Instant sharing and syncing of your programs data, reports, analytics, and dashboard integrations

  • Integrated Search + Provider Tools across agencies, departments, and municipalities


Create your own ecosystem while benefitting from a global partner.

globe and laptop connected

Flexible and Customizable

When using GET HELP’s enterprise solutions, we grow and scale with your needs. Need to set up emergency shelters quickly? We’ll be on the frontlines with you.

Control Your Data

Seamlessly allow your data to flow between your service providers, first responders, and professionals in your network, while controlling the level of detail made available to the public.

Global Network

Gone are the days of siloed, hidden, or lost information. Our network gives you the power to plug you and your clients into a system of helpers and channel partners solving everyday problems.

Automatic Reporting

Schedule automatic emails to send to your providers, departments, partners, and outreach workers without manual counting or tallying. The data is automatic.

Seamless Communication

Whether it’s an incoming referral, a notification to your clients, or coordinating care, you can take care of it all within the GET HELP ecosystem.

Customizable Integrations

Already have a dashboard? Use an EHR or EMR? Send data to HMIS? Not a problem! We’ll work with you to hook into our system for seamless reporting and to avoid duplicate data-entry.

Why use our enterprise tools?

  • We use secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solutions so you can access your data anywhere you are and sleep well at night knowing your clients’ data is always safe.

  • Avoid expensive outsourced technology shops and consultants that build a solution then leave or charge you for any and all changes or fixes to the system. We’re a SaaS company that’s here to grow and learn with you, so you never need to worry about outgrowing our solution.

  • Never again will you worry about “How do we get our providers to participate?” Our workflows engage the staff and automate their existing tasks, meaning powerful levels of participation without thinking about it.

  • We automate the life cycle of finding and treating clients, from customizable search tools to integrated referrals, all while giving you access to aggregated data for meaningful insights.