"Spending less time filling our beds and in our software helps us save money and provide better outcomes for our clients.”

Increase Revenue. Improve Profit Margins.

Connected Facility Management

Common Problems

  • Empty beds

  • Endless paper tracking, whiteboards, emails, group texts, spreadsheets, duplicate entries

  • Billing errors and inefficiencies


Our Solution

  • Streamlined, one-stop facility and bed management

  • Instant sharing and syncing of your available beds to the public, professionals, and partners

  • Decreased errors with automated reporting and data analytics


Boost your existing solutions.

Make your existing software more
powerful through automation.

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An integrated global marketing solution that consolidates your calls, emails, and spreadsheets in one place, at no additional cost.

Automatic Referrals

When a client finds you using GET HELP’s search, they can send you a referral request directly. You’ll be notified instantly and can begin the intake process without skipping a beat.

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Counts Updated Instantly

As you intake and discharge clients from your program using GET HELP, your client roster, census, and bed availability will be updated without any additional steps.

Integrated Global Marketing

With no additional time or effort to your staff, your bed availability can be instantly broadcast across all our channel partners for fully integrated global marketing.

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Data Analytics at Your Fingertips

Funders want to know your program stats? Our customized dashboards show you not only your occupancy rates but also insights to all areas of your operations, including referrals.

Automatic Reporting

Schedule automatic emails to send to your funders and partners without manual counting or tallying. The data is automatic.

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Seamless Communication

Whether it’s an incoming referral, a notification to your clients, or coordinating care, you can take care of it all within the GET HELP ecosystem.

Customizable Integrations

Already have a dashboard? Use an EHR or EMR? Send data to HMIS? Not a problem! We’ll work with you to hook into our system for seamless reporting and to avoid duplicate data-entry.

Why use our provider tool?

  • Your availability is listed instantly and automatically. By using GET HELP, your data is synced across our entire ecosystem. No need to call it in, send an email, submit a mailer, or even think about it!

  • Your Electronic Health or Medical Record system manages your client’s clinical needs and combined with GET HELP, you become connected to people looking for your services and fill your beds faster.

  • Our APIs are ready to hook into, which is technical speak for how we sync and share data for reporting and reducing duplicate entry across systems.

  • Clinical needs are one piece of your journey: We help you automate the life cycle of finding and treating clients, including getting you off whiteboards and spreadsheets to manage your beds.