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WE ARE GET HELP® AND WE NEED YOU TO JOIN. The solution is we need to work together better. We can do this by building a better system. We must build a system that is interoperable, guided democratically without judgment or market influence, with both human and system expertise. We can’t delegate the management of this problem to government workers or solve it by throwing money at it. Each one of us has to pitch in and help and do our part. Joining GET HELP will get you connected, and connection IS THE SOLUTION.

From Silos to a Network:

We Can Change the System

Our System is Chaos for those in Need of Help

Simply take a look at the ecosystem. Every recovery center, every homeless shelter, and every system to support humans suffering a crisis operates in their own silo – a network of independent business, nonprofits, government services, and individuals with knowledge, expertise and connections. Every single one operates independently.


The result is distressful emotional chaos for people already in a crisis. The path of least resistance is often the one taken as a result. Whether that is prolonging a relapse into jails, institutions or death, escalating emotional chaos into domestic violence, or operating in a subsystem of aid from friends and family probably the least trained to provide service.


Our failure to adequately connect people to services is directly feeding homelessness spreading throughout our public streets and sidewalks.


It’s not anyone’s fault. But it’s everyone’s problem.


We are GET HELP. Together we can fix it.

GET HELP is building a better system that helps the helpers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, improving access to services to those in need, and raising the standard for accountability.


GET HELP builds human solutions to human problems by connecting objective and qualified information that is dynamic, relevant, and current. We pass no judgment as to the efficacy of various modalities of treatment, allowing patients, families, and professionals to make their own decisions. We aim to make access to resources as quick and easy as possible, understanding that such access saves lives.



We can Change the System. We are GET HELP and we Need You to Join

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