Effective Search Tools

Common Problems

  • Trouble finding beds when you need them

  • Expensive brokering, 1-800 numbers, pay-for-play search engines

  • Inaccessible availability and scattered resources


Our Solution

  • Real time bed availability

  • No patient or connection fees, no paid advertisements

  • Mobile, free search tools with access to the information you need – when you need it


Finally, a search built for you.

Instantly Synced Data

As GET HELP facilities update their availability, our search results are updated automatically.

GET HELP Search App Map
GET HELP Referral App

Automatic Referrals

Found a facility? Send a referral through the app to instantly make a connection. No phone calls or voicemails needed.

Bookmark Your Facilities

Save your favorite facilities to a list for easy reference and retrieval.

  • No Ads

    Our proprietary search algorithm shows results by availability and proximity to your search, not by who pays the most.

  • No Broker Fees or Commissions

    You won’t have to pay extra for the referrals you send or the referrals you receive.

Why Use Our Search?

  • Google and Facebook results are based on paid advertisements and search engine optimization. GET HELP’s search is based on availability and proximity, ensuring you find the best facility for your needs.

  • Many website search engines are lead generation sites that sell your data to treatment programs. Using GET HELP, you’ll know you’re connecting with the most relevant facility for your needs. You won’t be sent to the program that pays the most for your lead.

  • Many brokers, 1-800 call centers, and connection sites charge when a "connection" is successful. Our subscription services have no hidden or extra costs for providers. Our only goal is for you and your clients to find what you need.

  • 2-1-1 and other similar sites are updated by mail-in forms or call-ins. Our providers’ services and availability are updated the instant they intake or discharge a client.