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GET HELP is a human and data-driven central solution that helps the helpers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, improving access to services to those in need, and raising the standard for accountability.

GET HELP is a tech tool for humans. Unlike many technology solutions, the GET HELP Ecosystem is rooted in service-provision. Founded by a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years-experience working in addiction and mental health, GET HELP is a solution for the humans navigating these systems, whether they are first responders, caseworkers, service-providers, or individuals experiencing homelessness.

GET HELP addresses needs and builds solutions that help the helpers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

GET HELP is a Benefit Corporation

Connection is the Solution

Our business model supports a force for good in the world. Our social model, based on a Benefit Corporation structure, allows us a quadruple bottom-line focus. Our principles are to be independent, trustworthy, and mission-centric with a democratization of information. Our commitment to increasing the standard of care is guided by The Standards Council.

Tools for Professionals

Help Better, Together

GET HELP’s flagship Search app is growing into an app for first responders like firefighters, police officers, mental health professionals, and case workers called GET HELP First Responder Search.

GET HELP is also serving Municipalities, Recovery Centers and Service Providers with GET HELP Facility Management and Reporting. GET HELP First Responder Search and GET HELP Facility Management and Reporting became a reality with a unanimous Los Angeles City Council vote to pilot with Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a program that is currently being expanded with further integrations. Long Beach City Council then unanimously approved a study with their Chief Information Officer and Department of Health on Residency Program.

GET HELP has received endorsements from:

  • The Weingart Center
  • Senator Kevin Murray (retired)
  • Dr. Stephen Phillips, President of the California Board of Psychology
  • Mike Miller, former President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Andy Ballester, Co-founder of GoFundMe

Three Tools, Unlimited Connectivity

Municipalities, Recovery Centers, Professionals, and Providers

Human solutions to human problems, using tech tools and scalability at a global level.

Increase Efficiencies in Workflow

GET HELP Ecosystem

The GET HELP Ecosystem replaces redundant systems, decreasing steps in case management workflow. It’s easy-to-use interface incentivizes use.

GET HELP’s customers include service providers, first responders, outreach workers, city/county employees, those experiencing homelessness, and the public.

The GET HELP Ecosystem was created to increase efficiencies in workflow and provide real-time information to all users. Whether a municipality seeks greater reporting or tracking capabilities, an individual experiencing homelessness looks for a bed or a hot meal, a service provider looks to track inventory or resources, or a first responder searches for resources in the field, GET HELP is the solution.

Our team works closely with service-providers to adapt and modify our tools to fit the ever-changing needs of providers and individuals incorporating feedback at every stage.

One Mission

GET HELP seeks to connect professionals, providers, municipalities, and the public, thereby giving everyone access to mental health, homelessness, and addiction services when they need it, while raising the standard for integrity, accountability, and transparency of information, serving as good steward for society and the environment.

Holistic, Scalable, Patented

GET HELP Technology

GET HELP is a holistic platform feeding into existing resources and navigating to areas of need. API integrations connect caseworkers to service providers seamlessly and provide real‐time availability and access to existing systems that connect related services.

The GET HELP Ecosystem is built for scalability at a global level. Get Help adapts to the ever-changing needs of service providers, municipalities, and members of the public as resources and client needs change. This flexibility and scalability makes the GET HELP Ecosystem a unique technical solution for expanding access to services.

GET HELP holds a US Patent on our ecosystem technology (US Patent No. 10,217,529 B2 PATIENT BED INVENTORY HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE SYSTEM AND METHOD, Issued 2/26/2019).

Want to Volunteer?

If you want to join in the solution of connection with GET HELP, give us your name and email address. We will keep you informed on volunteering opportunities, news and events!

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