Our Boards

GET HELP is a B-Corporation in the State of California

Our Board of Directors

GET HELP is a B-Corporation in the State of California, and as such has a Board of Directors, who act on the behalf of all our Stakeholders. While a California Benefit Corporations functions structurally identical to a traditional C-Corporation, our Board of Directors have a higher level of responsibility. In traditional corporations a board is responsible to the shareholders. In a B-Corporation, in addition to being responsible to the shareholders we are also responsible to all of our stakeholders.
Board Director

Tony Greco

Board Director

Malcolm MacLean

Board Director

Jim Spitzig

Principal / Founder,
Level 3 Design Group

Our Advisory Board

The GET HELP Advisory Board is comprised of individuals from various walks of life, industries, and business or professional experience and background. The Advisory Board meets regularly and is in regular communication with the Advisory Board Chair and CEO of GET HELP. The Advisory Board is accountable to the Board of Directors, appointed by the Board President, and affirmed by the Advisory Board Chair. The Advisory Board members serve a term of two-years.

Advisory Board Chair

Lloyd Sederer, MD

Adjunct Professor,
Columbia School of Public Health
Advisory Board Member

Jo Ann Ferdinand, JD

New York State Supreme Court Judge, Ret.
Advisory Board Member

Pete Nielsen

CEO, California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)
Advisory Board Member

Michael M. Miller, MD, DFASAM, DLFAPA

Addictive Disease Consultations
Michael M Miller MD Consulting LLC
Advisory Board Member

Lipi Roy, MD, MPH

Internal Medicine Physician, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine
Advisory Board Member

David Sheridan

President, National Alliance for Recovery Residences
Advisory Board Member

Stephen C. Phillips, JD, PsyD

Therapist and Civil Forensics Practitioner
Advisory Board Member

Chris Renna, MD

Founder, LifeSpan
Advisory Board Member

Senator Kevin Murray, JD

President & Chief Executive Officer
The Weingart Center
Advisory Board Member

Andy Ballester

Co-Founder, GoFundMe
Advisory Board Member

David Hofstatter

Chairman, AutoVitals
Advisory Board Member

Larry Dorfman,

Co-Founder, APCO Holdings
Advisory Board Member

Ted Roth, JD, LL.M

President & Head of Investment Banking, Roth Capital Partners

Standards Council

The Standards Council Members are selected by the Standards Council Chair, based on recommendations from Standards Council members, and affirmed by the Advisory Board. Members may serve on the Standards Council, Advisory Board, or other boards or committees of GET HELP. The mission and focus of the Standards Council members are to oversee the 27 Standards® formulated by GET HELP, provide feedback on the ongoing nature of those standards, and work with the team at GET HELP on the implementation of those standards as they relate to treatment providers and professionals.

Standards Council Chair

Donna Markus, PhD

Clinical Director, Post Treatment Services

Standards Council Member

Don Gray, PhD

Professor Emeritus, University of Texas (Dallas)
Standards Council Member

Stephen Phillips, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Beverly Hills
Standards Council Member

Keith Fierman

Director of Public Relations Family Support, Cirque Lodge
Standards Council Member

Kurt Garbe

Chief Marketing Officer, PCH Treatment Center
Standards Council Member

Douglas Lyons

Principal, Clere Consulting
Standards Council Member

Neely Lyons, JD

Consultant, Clere Consulting

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