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Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to make Get Help the world’s most trusted resource for finding quality healthcare services with urgency

Get Help is an independent, mission-centric organization, committed to elevating the treatment industry through the democratization of trustworthy and objective information about treatment facilities and the integrity with which they operate.

Independent & Trustworthy

  • We maintain our independence by refusing all investments from and affiliations with treatment centers.
  • We refuse advertising dollars and never edit or adjust facility information for a fee.
  • We operate with transparency: our process, principles, and code of conduct are available to all.

Mission Centric

  • We are comitted to doing the hard work necessary to elevate the paradigm of the treatment industry
  • We operate by holding treatment center accountable to a verifiable code of professional conduct.
  • We consistently work toward our own improvement and the improvement of the industry.

Democratization of Information

  • Our goal is to provide objective and qualified information that is dynamic, relevant, and current.
  • We pass no judgment as to the efficacy of various modalities of treatment, allowing patients, families, and professionals to make their own decisions.
  • We aim to make access to resources as quick and easy as possible, understanding that such access facilities the saving of lives.

Our Story

A long, long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away… two years ago in the Valley to be exact, I got a call from someone in my recovery family. She let me know a good friend of ours relapsed with 28 years clean, had psychotic break, and was wandering through the desert in Las Vegas. I drew the short straw and was asked to go get her because, after all, I was the psychologist in the family. Without thinking I rented a car, drove out to the desert, found her, did an impromptu intervention, and managed to get her and her broken down 1992 Mercedes on the road.

I knew if I could just get her in the car and back to LA we would be able to find a place for her in treatment. Mission accomplished, thus far, and it was only registering 111 degrees on the world’s largest thermometer in Baker, CA, no A/C in the car, and windows rolled down so I could barely hear when my closest friend with over 35 years clean (and a titan in the treatment industry) said, “you can’t come here. I don’t know where you can go but absolutely not here.”

"If I, with over 20 years clean and a doctorate in f-ing psychology am having this kind of problem getting someone help, what the *&$! are other “regular” people"I almost threw the phone out of the car and gave up right there in the desert. I’m calling my recovery community, and all I was getting were “no’s” and “we don’t know,” and “not sure where she could go.” By the time I hit LA it was approaching midnight, or at least it felt like it. I had to drive her to Mission Community Hospital and help her get put on a 72-hour hold for suicide watch. As I was leaving the hospital it was definitely 3:00am. I checked twice because I couldn’t believe it; how long the day had been and what we just went through. Bordering on tears, and at the intersection of relief, sadness, overwhelm, and exhaustion I thought, “If I, with over 20 years clean and a doctorate in f-ing psychology am having this kind of problem getting someone help, what the *&$! are other “regular” people going through? There must be an app for this.”

The next day I was obsessed. I looked and there wasn’t anything. I talked to a few people who had started apps and was listening to Richard Branson’s book, The Virgin Way ( He talked about starting an airline because he wanted a better travel experience. If he could start a freaking airline then I could definitely start an app. I set out on a path to create a tool that would help anyone, anywhere find treatment fast. I had no idea what I was up against, as you will soon read about in this blog. Here you’ll find a lot about what I’ve learned along the way, some things to hopefully make your job and experience a little easier.

Here we are, two years later in what seems like a Galaxy far, far away from that August in Baker, CA, with just the beginning of a vision… that everyone can GetHelp® when they need it and want it. With that I welcome you to, invite to you download the Get Help® App available for download on the iTunes Store, and thank you for joining me on this adventure to turn the current system upside down and inside, and create the GetHelp® ecosystem where everyone is the beneficiary.

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