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Dr. Chris Renna

dr. chris renna

Founder, LifeSpan

Chris Renna graduated from University of Texas and earned his medical degree cum laude from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. He completed a residency in family medicine. In his initial years of practice, he learned that medical school prepared doctors to diagnose disease but did not prepare them to create health.

Dr. Renna founded LifeSpan in 1992 to truly help his clients improve health with an entirely new system and approach. LifeSpan provides comprehensive and focused medical evaluations specializing in preventing disease, resolving symptoms and improving health. These programs are delivered through personalized concierge support, and access to a personal medical team 24/7.

Dr. Renna maintains two rules for optimal health:

  1. Everything is about you, and
  2. Everything is about your health.

Over the years his passion and dedication to clients as well as his unique approach has earned him an exceptional reputation as the nation’s premiere preventive medicine provider. He is a published author, popular public speaker and lecturer to audiences across the United States and abroad.

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