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Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PhD

Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PhD

Founder / CEO, Integral Healthcare Solutions

Dr. Goddard is the founder and CEO of Integral Healthcare Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations with accreditation and compliance. IHS’s clients range from the smallest of IROs to the largest of health plans and PBMs. The firm’s clients are not only spread across the United States from Maine to Puerto Rico to California and Hawaii, but also include Panama, the Philippines, India, and Abu Dhabi.

Before founding IHS in 2002, Dr. Goddard served as a

  • Senior Consultant for the Center for Health Policy Studies,
  • Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for URAC,
  • Vice President and General Counsel for NYLCare Health Plans of the Mid-Atlantic, and
  • Counsel for Government and Media Relations for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners


Dr. Goddard received his law degree from the University of Arizona, and his master’s degree and PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from George Mason University. His doctoral dissertation was on physician decision-making.

Dr. Goddard’s company has worked with GET HELP to develop rating methodologies for treatment facilities.

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