Facility Management

Recovery Centers

Homeless Shelters

Service Organizations

Better insights to your operations, keeping your clients at the heart of your day.

Recovery centers

Manage clients from intake to discharge. Track programs such as residential, outpatient, recovery bridge housing, and more.

Homeless Shelters

Precision tracking of beds available, for internal management, and communication with placement agencies and first responders.

Service Organizations

Track emergency placements from referral to after care, and gain predictive insight. Manage facility and professional referrals.

The GET HELP Ecosystem

Help Better, Together

Manage your workflow better by connecting to the GET HELP ecosystem. When you use GET HELP for Case Management, you become part of the system-wide solution. It eases the entire process of case management  from intake to discharge.

Services you track and bill private insurance or MediCal also updates important data in the GET HELP ecosystem.

In what program did the client enroll? Intensive inpatient treatment or residential bridge housing paired with outpatient recovery? Was support for domestic violence needed? Were children’s services needed? Were medical or clinical psychiatric services needed?

Not only does your Case Management system flow into the GET HELP ecosystem and let others who use the GET HELP Search tool know exactly what services you have available today, it tracks your case management data specific to you for use in your own facility planning.

Better Understand Your Resources

Reporting, Planning

GET HELP Case Management will help you better understand and plan for your services and staffing needs. It will also help you plan for better management of your buildings, including housekeeping and maintenance.

GET HELP Reporting tool provides a deeper understanding of success rates, who you’re serving and how.

The GET HELP Ecosystem allows for real-time access to services and resources. Unlike many technology solutions, the GET HELP Ecosystem is rooted in service-provision.

Founded by a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in addiction and mental health, GET HELP is a solution for the humans navigating these systems. We work closely with caseworkers, first responders, and service-providers, to ascertain their needs and build solutions that help the helpers, empowering them to allocate and track resources with ease.

Want to Connect?

Become part of the GET HELP Ecosystem. Contact us today to find out how you can get connected with GET HELP Case Management.

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